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The perils of pauline softcore

Nude Photo Galleries The perils of pauline softcore.
Perils of Gwendoline in the...

Posted by Chross on Sunday, January 9. Link 1 Link 2 Login.

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Skip to main content chross. Chross - Your Source for Mainstream Spankings. Adding to other people's posts XIV: She leaves rubbing her bottom.

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For some reason I think Penelope may have been in the title. Close, but not quite right.

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The Perils of Mandy is a British softcore production from Mandy is regulary caned by the headmaster and is fed up with it - and wants to become a model. But she is tricked and ends up in the hands of the headmaster again who is far more twisted than one would have thought.

Needless to say as you will see for yourself this is one ridiculously bad production with more or less no budget at all. I managed to get a copy of this and cut all the relevant scenes in one clip for you: Also available as a download option in higher resolution: I The perils of pauline softcore know how this one passed me by in the s.

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I tried "the perils of pippa""the perils of persephone" and god knows what. My friend must have got confused with "The Perils of Pauline" a classic black and white film.

There's no spanking in that, but the heroine does get tied to the railway tracks!

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That Head was just so ridiculous, couldn't deliver a proper stroke. As a 19 year old, in the days before the Internet, i had seen very little CP, except in real life, and this was really exciting at the time.

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Now it's kind of embarrassing; awful acting and not even actual contact in the caning. Still, very many thanks for posting it.

A mix of adventure, comedy...

Not one swat landed properly. I vaguely remember this way back before t'internet!

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The Headmaster reminded me of mine at school which is why I remember it He loved wearing his mortarboard hat and caned us boys though actually far harder and with our trousers on! Thanks for the find!

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