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Funny memes about men vs women

Hot xXx Pics Funny memes about men vs women.
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By Melody Oei — 07 Nov They say men are from mars and women are from venus. How, exactly, are women different from men vice versa?

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Women view yoga as relieve, relaxation and exercise; men view yoga as a sea of Men see red, purple, pink; women see cayenne, maroon, plum, orchid, lavender Women see eb8 Funny memes about men vs women dress with bow detail and amazing dress shape while men see pink dress.

Man doesn't log onto Facebook for a week, gets one notification; woman doesn't log on for a week, gets All the bikinis, all the surgeries, all the crippling heels and unnecessary diets. Men think with their heads yes the other head toowomen think with their hearts.

Women always never have anything to wear while men may feel the same about console games.

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Women think men who play video games are losers while men would marry women gamers. When a woman pukes, fellow women saviours come to her rescue. Men on the other hand The puffy-eyed look, called Aegyo Sal, is now a sought after look by Koreans who are even going under the knife to ac Think you're ready for a relationship?

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Get our latest updates Follow saysdotcom Instagram YouTube. Women enjoy being in front of the camera more than men do.

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Women see studio set up, men see basins. Man goes to moon, takes 5 photos; woman goes to bathroom, takes 37 photos. Men pack five minutes before departure; women, on the other hand Men evidently take a lot LESS time choosing a shampoo.

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Men take a lot quicker to get ready as compared to women. Women friendships work very differently from men friendships.

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Nothing but a t-shirt: Women look totally cute; while men Even Jackie Chan doesn't understand the logic between men and women haircuts. Men, on the other hand Post break-ups leave women partying and men Women analyse messages in an extremely different manner than men do.

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Women also perceive self image differently than men do. Did we already say that men and women process messages differently? Men are like Bluetooth; women are like Wi-Fi.

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