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Matchmaking locked heroes of the storm

Adult Videos Matchmaking locked heroes of the storm.

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Quick update for you guys. Status has been locked? Is this a random bug, or is there any fast track way of fixing this? It's never happened to me before but I've heard of this happening randomly to people.

I guess try to close the game and try to log in again until it works. Download the latest maps. You can do that from the custom game thing,afaik.

It has happened twice to me and I just wait for a while. I haven't found a fast solution yet. On May 08 Hi there, Recently I experienced the same problem and logged a ticket with the blizzard customer support.

The response was as follows: You can't enter two searches or two games at the same time so you get that message. We can Matchmaking locked heroes of the storm to look into the UI part and make sure it doesn't pop up when you're in a game until you cancel, or give a better message on why you're not able to enter the first game that the search found.

As for your issue, you may want to check your firewall to see if port TCP is allowed as that is the port that the game uses to connect.

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This happened to me once. The 2 theories on how to fix it that I could find online were a Log in then log out correctly not alt-f4 then restart your computer. If you have a router with a dynamic ip also restart it. Log off and wait for x amount of mins.