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Can you get pregnant with your own cum

Sexy por pics Can you get pregnant with your own cum.

Sperm must come into contact with your vagina for pregnancy to be a possibility. Pregnancy is only possible when semen enters your vagina.

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One way this might happen is if your partner masturbates and then uses the same hand or hands to finger you. You could transfer sperm into your vagina by fingering yourself with a hand that has pre-ejaculate or ejaculate on it.

The same rule for your partner applies here, too: But if your partner ejaculates near your vagina and then fingers you, they may push some of the semen into your vagina. If this happens, pregnancy is possible. In fact, you may not begin to experience any early signs or symptoms of pregnancy for several weeks after you become pregnant.

The earliest signs of pregnancy include:. These are also many of the same signs and symptoms of premenstrual syndrome or your period.

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The chances of becoming pregnant from being fingered are slim, but it can happen. Emergency contraception EC can be taken up to five days after sex to prevent pregnancy.

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The hormonal EC pill is most effective within the first 72 hours. You can buy it over the counter or ask your doctor to write a prescription.

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Depending on your insurance plan, a prescription may enable you to get the medication at little to no cost. Your doctor must place this device, so a timely appointment is necessary.

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Once in place, the IUD will protect against pregnancy for up to 10 years. If you think you may be pregnant, take an at-home pregnancy test.

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The test may be most accurate a week after your missed period. You should see your doctor to confirm the results of your home pregnancy test. They may use a blood test, a urine test, or both to confirm your results.

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Whatever the outcome, your doctor can advise you on next steps. This may include options for family planning or birth control. EC is most effective within three to five days of possible fertilization. They can answer any questions that you have and advise you on what to do next.

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Learn about emergency contraception, including what to do and what to expect afterward. Before men climax, they release a fluid known as pre-cum or pre-ejaculation. Can this fluid cause pregnancy? Here's what you need to know.

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