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Red hair with blonde highlights

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Blonde, dark brown and red are three of the trendiest hair colors you will see this year. Whether you are planning a special occasion or just want to look fabulous for no reason at all, the time has come to check out blonde highlights on dark brown and red hair.

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You can create these highlights on any hair color. Just ask your hairstylist for double highlighting. Highlights allow you to experiment with different hair colors while avoiding frequent touch ups.

Dark brown and blonde create a stunning contrast that can completely overhaul your image. Finding a proper color to create highlights is never an easy task. Mixing blonde, dark brown, and red hair color is a popular way to create a stunning image.

Blonde highlights on red and dark brown hair should be something every woman must discover for herself. If you have dark brown hair, you can find a darker shade of blonde to make the overall appearance more natural. If you are a vibrant redhead, blonde highlights will make you look even more brilliant.

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An auburn brown and honey blonde mix is an amazing way to go about the highlights. You are keeping the dark-light contrast while making your locks look as close to natural as possible.

If you are a fiery redhead, there is no reason to completely change your look with highlights. Subtle partial highlights will give your hair a great makeover and add it an extra oomph.

Unusual decisions are always welcome when it comes to hair dyeing.

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Burgundy locks look amazing with blonde highlights on the bottom. Blonde highlights on red hair will look especially amazing if you keep as close to being natural as possible. Auburn brown mixed with honey blond will give you a soft redhead image you always wanted.