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Vladikavkaz north ossetia russia

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Vladikavkaz is the capital city of the region.

The Russian Revolution of resulted...

It was named after the village of Koban located in Tagaur canyon, where ancient archaeological monuments were found. Koban population assimilated among the Scythians and then the Sarmatians, some of whom switched to a settled agricultural economy. Like the Scythians, the Alans used Derbent pass and the passes of the Greater Caucasus for their raids. Inthe nomadic tribes of the Huns invaded Europe from Central Asia.

This invasion was the reason of migration of the Alans to the most inaccessible mountain areas on both slopes of the Greater Caucasus mountain range.

Vladikavkaz overview

In the 6th-7th centuries, Alania was again a relatively powerful state with a dense network of well-fortified settlements, developed agriculture, trade and crafts. At the beginning of the 10th century, Orthodoxy became the state religion in Alania.

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In the 12th century, Alania experienced the feudal period and was divided into principalities fighting against each other. They were unable to unite against the Mongols who invaded the region in the 13th century. Inthe Mongolian army defeated the Alanian army.

In Januaryafter a three-month siege, the Alanian capital of Magas was captured. The Mongols ravaged the plain part of the country, but the resistance continued in the mountain areas.

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The final blow in a series of tragic events of the 13thth centuries was the invasion of the troops of Tamerlane in Almost all of the Alans were killed, the state of the Alans collapsed. The survivors took refuge in the mountains where they mingled with the local population of other language group and later became known as the Ossetians.

In the 15thth centuries, the Ossetians fought for survival in extremely cramped conditions of the mountains the plain was occupied by Adygeyan tribes.

In the 18th century, the Ossetians were in need for resettlement on the plane because of the extreme shortage of land. Ossetia was also important for Russia, as the region that controlled the strategic passes in the Caucasus. Inthe territory of North Ossetia was among the first regions in the North Caucasus, which joined the Russian Empire.

North Ossetia overview

Vladikavkaz, founded inbecame the first Russian fortress in the area. In the 19th century, the Ossetians migrated from the mountains to the plains and outskirts of Mozdok. In Soviet times, Ossetia was divided into two parts.

InOssetia became part of Gorskaya Soviet Republic. It received the status of an autonomous oblast in During the Second World War, fierce battles took place on the territory of the republic, the northern and western parts of North Ossetia were occupied by the Germans.

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In November,the German advance was stopped near Ordzhonikidze Vladikavkaz. About 85, people were drafted into the Soviet Army in the republic and almost 45, of them were killed. The Ingush, who returned home in the s, were given back part of their former territory.

Instead of Prigorodny district, which then belonged to North Ossetia, they received the land taken from Vladikavkaz north ossetia russia krai. But the Ingush demanded that the eastern part of Prigorodny district should be returned to them. Inan armed conflict broke out because of territorial disputes.

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Inthe region received a new name - the Republic of North Ossetia. In the s and in the early 21st century, several major terrorist attacks occurred on the territory of the republic Vladikavkaz north ossetia russia to the wars in Chechnya including the taking of hostages in the school 1 in Beslan in This terrorist act led to serious political consequences not only for the republic but also for Russia in general the system of election of regional governors was abolished.

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The territory of the Republic of North Ossetia - Alania stretches from north to south for km, from west to east - km. The highest peak is Mount Kazbek 5, meters. The Terek is the main river.

It is one of the most densely populated Russian regions.

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