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How had Gibbs even known about last night? I barely even looked like I had a single beer last night.

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There was no way Gibbs could have found out about last nights party. How, I don't know, Gibbs dinozzo spank just does. Gibbs entered the office and slammed the door shut. Tony mentally cursed when he heard the door lock. His gut told him that he wouldn't be sitting very comfortably for a little while. I mean, I guess I had Gibbs dinozzo spank little too much to drink. He didn't bother saying anything else. Pulling out his cell phone, he played back a voice mail.

I groaned when I heard my own voice.

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NO idea where my cell phone is! I could barely understand the rest of what I said. No wonder Gibbs was so pissed. Did you know that? You gave her a good idea of where you were and she picked you up and drove you home.

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She told me you were so drunk, you even tried to grab the steering wheel from her a few times. Well, that explains how I got home last night. I'd just assumed someone had called a cab.

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I suddenly felt like the biggest jerk-bag alive. I couldn't believe I'd let Clara Gibbs dinozzo spank like that. To the point where she'd actually admitted to being worried about me. But I kept my head down. Of course, Gibbs was all about eye contact. He put a strong finger under my chin and forced me to look at him. He didn't look angry anymore.

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He looked at me with a kind and worried expression, like a father would look at his son. I knew how I must look - my eyes shining over with tears, I probably looked like a little boy. Gibbs pulled me Gibbs dinozzo spank my feet and wrapped strong, loving arms around me.

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