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Home nudist experience

Porn archive Home nudist experience.

My first time being anything but fully clothed in front of a member of the opposite sex was when my sister an I were early into our puberty. Our best friends, a brother and sister that lived across the street. The girls came to us boys and Home nudist experience us they would let us pull down their pants and see them naked from the waist down if we would show them our dicks. We agreed and it was decided that the girls would go into my sisters walk in closet and then the boys would join them one at a time and be allowed to pull down their pants.

My friends sister went Home nudist experience but we chickened out and only put our hands down her pants. When it came my sisters turn she tried to chicken out but agreed when she learned what we had done with her friend. We, however, did pull her pants down.

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Afterword we went into the bathroom where each of us boys pulled out our shafts for them to see. One day, when I was walking my usual route through my high school's field to get to the street that led to my home, as I was walking by the chainlink fence Home nudist experience separated the field from the backyards of the houses there, I heard some girls laughing and giggling.

It was one of my classmates and her sister.

They Home nudist experience out to me and asked me if I wanted to swim. It was back inand nucism was unheard of back then at least to me, it wasso I was surprised to turn around and find that they were both completely naked. I got a little shy as my penis swelled up, and told them I didn't have a bathing suit. They laughed and said, "Neither do we!

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Then they said, "It's ok! I was surprised when they laughed and said it was ok and that they actually wanted to see it. They talked me into climbing over the fence, taking off my clothes, and joining them in the swimming pool with the biggest hardon I had ever had.

My classmate asked if she could touch it, so I let her. Then she massaged it. Then her sister playfully pushed her away and began to kiss me as she was fondling me. That made me get really hard.

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Then I felt something I had never felt before as it went inside her and she bobbed up Home nudist experience down in the water. When she was finished, her sister my classmate did the same thing, Home nudist experience she took my hands and put them on her breasts. It was the first time I had ever been naked in front of anyone, and the first time I had had a sexual experience like that.

I was quite surprised when their mother came home, joined us, and fondled me too until I got hard and then until I came. I went home with a myriad of feelings I had never had before.

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Or a great experience, no matter which number it happens to be. My first naked experience outside the home was when I was 9. Inside the home around bath time just doesn't count to me. We'd play in the woods in the summer time. We wore jeans, not bathing suits. So we'd get hot, and the boy I was out with, Jimmy Miller, said let's skinny dip in the lake. So going home to get a bathing suit was not an option. The pool was at the top of the hill, and the lake was Home nudist experience feet down the hill.

The whole back side of the pool Home nudist experience in plain view of the lake.

So we approached the lake, took our clothes off and jumped into the lake. Kids our age saw us and waived and yelled at us.

We swam for awhile, got out naked, and Home nudist experience sun dried before putting on our clothes. We did this a few times that and the next summer. At age 10, however, girls start to get playful and interested in boys. The last time we went several girls came down to the lake to try to take our clothes. We didn't let them get too far with our clothes, but they got what they wanted with seeing us totally naked.

My first time being nude in front Home nudist experience others was at a massage parlour when I was 18, where I used the sauna and spa bath in the nude before getting a massage, or using the solarium. Then when I was 25 I joined a Nudist colony, and stripped off without any problem, and didnt worry about being seen by other members of the club where they were also nude. A few years later I did nude modelling for a group of artists both male and female of varying ages who were fully clothed, whilst they drew me.

I felt very comfortable doing this.

I have since visited beaches not all designated nude beaches and stripped off, and allowed the sun to drench my body, with the chance of someone catching sight of me. I have even sunbathed nude in the backyard of my properties, many times in view of neighbours and never received any complaints. My first time nude in front of other Home nudist experience was in November Although I have been a 'at home nudist' I have always wanted to go naked in public and I managed to talk one of my female friends into going to Corralego in Fuerteventura.

We spent all of our time there naked Home nudist experience the pool or out on the room terrace. I loved every minute of it but my friend is not as keen to do it again. I can't wait to go somewhere else and do it all again. That is one of the reasons I am on here to find someone to share the experience with.

Well, first time by myself was in Home nudist experience woods behind my house, in N. Little Beach is a total "party". Larson's Beach is very quiet. Large waves in the winter and almost totally populated with gay men. Not a good thing! I was a teenager, maybe 14 years old the first time I Home nudist experience nude in front of others. I went there out of curiosity at first. Once I got undressed, I felt a feeling of freedom that I had not known before. I also felt like, being obviously a "jailbait twink", I was desired by all the girls and some of the boys who were there that day.

When I got home, my hair was still Home nudist experience from body surfing, but my clothing was dry. My mother questioned how I accomplished this unless I was at "that" beach at Pt. She told me she didn't want me to go there by myself for fear that someone would molest me.

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She didn't know at the time that I would have loved that. She told me she would go with me next time I want to go to that beach.

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I never did tell her when I was going. I didn't want to see her naked or be naked in her presence.