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Amateur glamour modelling

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As I will be initially experimenting my term for making lots of mistakes and I don't have masses of spare cash I'm hoping to find amateur models who will work for next to nothing plus some prints.

I doubt such a site exists and I would be very careful of approaching anyone on the internet for such purposes. You could end up bruised without a camera.

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The bottom line is if you want to work with models professionally, you will have to learn to work with professional models. Working with non models is OK if you just want to photograph for your own enjoyment but the chances are they will either be embarrassed and unsure or exuberant and unaware of how to do the basics.

So you could end up with you not knowing what to do and neither will they. You have already found out most potential models are "Camera shy". Good models know how to apply make up, do their hair not to mention Amateur glamour modelling. I work with an artist and we occasionally use non professional models, that is models he has found, not booked through agencies.

They still get paid but not as much as the agency models. However, they usually work alongside professional models who help them out and put them at ease. Amateur glamour modelling good model will teach you a lot about how to photograph and can be a good investment.

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Consider what you have invested in your equipment and you now want to move into another area of photography, are you prepared to spend a few hundred? To be cruel, if not Why spend thousands on cameras and lenses?

If you are paying for your model it will certainly focus your mind on getting something from the shoot. There really is a massive difference working with pro models and your person management skills can be called into question.

If you let them some models will spend time on the phone to their agents, friends and family.

You have to be in control. Not all models are like this but I have photographed some who would really prefer be on a higher paid shoot or in bed getting over yesterdays excesses. If you just want to photograph models to work out lighting technique or work through ideas I suggest you ask someone you know.

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When I started photographing models, 40 years ago, I started with my girlfriend and her friends. Maybe you know a couple who would like a photo of themselves to hang on the wall.

Perhaps the local hairdressers would like some photos for their studio, they provide the hair style, on a model and you get to photograph it. I suggest to start with you Amateur glamour modelling people you know or have some kind of link to. By the way never photograph someone you don't know in a one to one situation. Amateur glamour modelling are several studios in the UK you can use and they will supply models where the money is but I'm sure you could ask them to keep their clothes on.

Google studio hire in your area. This may sound like a bit of a lecture but I am just passing on what I think is good advice which you can take or leave.

Plus why go to the trouble of trying to cajole them into working with you when you can go to a site like purestorm and have dozens of models eager to work.

David is of course mostly correct when he talks about pro versus amateur. There are literally thousands of models to choose from. Unlike some of the agency websites 4 or 5 pics you also have a greater selection of images for each model as many as several hundred sometimes and Amateur glamour modelling see exactly how versatile they are.

Amateurs are doing it because they want to not because Amateur glamour modelling have to. I have never had a single dodgy experience with a need for someone to act as a minder… But I would happily work with some of the better amateurs I have worked with a few times, on a client shoot in preference to an unknown from an agency. Just remembered, the only hassle I did have was with a referral from a national agency, who had seen Amateur glamour modelling work on Purestorm and recommended me to one of their girls local to me for an 'update' to her portfolio.