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Facial muscles migraine

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Migraines occur more often in women than men. A migraine episode can last hours, days, or weeks, leaving the sufferer virtually disabled for that time.

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A migraine attack can be induced by various triggers, including bright light, certain food items, and alcohol. Uncontrollable triggers include changes in the weather and menstrual cycles.

Migraine can be Facial muscles migraine by psychological factors, although stress and depression can also result as a consequence of the debilitating and chronic pain.

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The headaches tend to start between the ages of 10 and 46, and normally have some genetic components. The genetic factors are due to skeletal imbalance problems that are passed on from generation to generation.

It is these skeletal imbalance problems that must be diagnosed and treated in order to eliminate the chronic pain.

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Migraine headache may be diagnosed by your family doctor based on your symptoms. Your doctor will take a detailed history to make sure that your headaches are not due to sinus inflammation, or a more serious underlying brain disorder.

During the physical exam, your doctor will probably not find anything wrong with you.

Critical Diagnosis for Effective Treatment

Your doctor may refer you to a neurologist and possibly order an MRI or CT scan to rule out other causes of headache, such as sinus inflammation or a brain mass.

In the case of a complicated migraine, an EEG may be needed to exclude seizures.

Facial muscles migraine Rarely, a lumbar puncture spinal tap might be performed. Stroke is an extremely rare complication from severe migraines. This risk may be due to prolonged narrowing of the blood vessels, limiting blood flow to parts of the brain for an extended period of time. All treatments for migraine have the same goals in common: None of these drugs have been shown to have any significant ability to control migraine pain long-term and none of them are able to properly treat or reduce the actual cause of the migraine.

Significantly, long-term use of popular medications can cause the sufferer more pain and worsening symptoms. So, how do you find the correct diagnosis and the proper treatment for your migraine problem? The explanation for your migraine problems follows. Most migraine sufferers go from doctor to doctor looking for the definitive treatment that Facial muscles migraine permanently resolve their pain. Facial muscles migraine new physician, or therapist, claims expertise in pain management and proceeds to treat it accordingly.

Many doctors unfortunately do not coordinate their treatment efforts for the best care possible. Based on our experiences in our clinic, a good number of practitioners fail to recognize and therefore fail to address the most critical problem: Most common headaches start out as simple muscle tension problems. Remember that bad day at work?

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For a majority of us, a couple of Advils take away that sporadic problem. Unfortunately, for the migraine sufferer the Advils stopped working a long time ago.

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The reason is simple: This problem is either the result of genetics or long-term wear and tear. The patient who had orthodontics braces because they were born with crooked teeth has the same possible jaw joint damage that a Facial muscles migraine who wears down their jaw joints due to constant clenching and grinding.

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