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Soybean maturity groups

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Soybean development and maturity is related to day length or, more specifically, duration of darkness. If their average maturity is a 3.

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When deciding on the proper maturity consider the following. Maturity of a soybean variety is the length of time from planting to physiological maturity just prior to harvest. Maturity group zones were developed to define where a soybean cultivar is best adapted.

The maturity group is determined by abiotic factors. The main factor is photoperiod, followed by temperature, age and other environmental factors.

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Shorter days trigger soybean development; however, when daylight increases springdevelopment slows. Flowering will differ significantly due to photoperiod, which is a constant value for a specific time period, location and genotype. More than 45 years ago scientists Scott and Aldrich delineated and published hypothetical optimum maturity group zones across the U.

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