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Is swinging healthy for a relationship

Sexy xXx Base pix Is swinging healthy for a relationship.

How much difference is there between fantasy and reality when it comes to swinging, "wife swapping" or threesomes?

'I want to swing but...

We had a fun night out with another couple who are neighbors the other weekend and the idea of swinging together and switching partners was floated, almost as a joke, but not really a joke. I want to consider it.

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What should we be considering before being tempted down this path? First of all, yes, as you do, most people know that there is a huge difference between fantasy and reality.

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Getting turned on by something in your mind is often very different to witnessing something in real life, or participating in it, and still finding the graphic reality of it genuinely erotic. And not just during, but afterwards as well. Both partners should be excited by the idea of trying a threesome.

Participating in a threesome to please your partner is not a good idea. Before engaging in a threesome, make sure you and your partner have discussed it thoroughly. And then discussed it thoroughly again.

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Once you have a threesome, once you switch partners and add lovers, you don't go back; those images are burned on your brain. Threesomes and swinging can be wildly exciting — for some - but can also just as easily be wickedly erosive to a relationship.

'I want to swing but...

Who can kiss whom? Who can watch whom?

5 Pros of Swinging

Who can penetrate whom? Choosing the third partner or other couple is also important. It can be very confusing if you choose to engage in sex with a friend or your neighbours!

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This is true of both swinging and a threesome. Try it out as anonymously as possible, before adding complications and entanglements.

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A sex worker or professional couple can recognise both your boundaries, and can remain detached from a friendship or relationship, because it is purely a sexual experience. And if it goes well, it can be a very thrilling avenue of sexual variety, arousal and creativity that you share together while maintaining some sexual independence.