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Cancer hookup a capricorn aquarius cusp

Nude photos Cancer hookup a capricorn aquarius cusp.

They have a vivid fantasy life. They must find a creative outlet for their creative energy. They are capable of providing electric excitement where ever they go. Try not to go off the deep end but find those that understand and appreciate. They have the practical,conservative side of Capricorn and the unpredictable nature of Aquarius.

These people are socially active and enjoy meaningful debates and discussions. Being ambitious helps them to set goals and work hard to achieve their goals. Some of the positive traits that define people with Capricorn —Aquarius cusp are disciplined, loyal, progressive, competitive, ambitious, practical, confident, and joyous nature. Well, it is not that they have only good qualities but like all humans they too have some negative traits like being narrow-minded, rebellious, harsh, depressed, stubborn, and extra-critical.

People belonging to this cusp are born between about January 16 and January These people are highly imaginative and they have great visualization. They like to lead a life full of fantasies and they can also encounter interesting and unique experience every now and then. Cancer hookup a capricorn aquarius cusp try to weave their own world of dreams and prefer to live in their world of fantasy.

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Their strong visual senses help them to be great writers, artists, and cultural ambassadors. Others might find them hard to understand and they find it hard to express their creativity but they become ecstatic when someone seems to understand their creativity.

People having Capricorn-Aquarius cusp are quite responsible and they always set very high-standards that make them a near perfectionist.

Irrespective of how good Capricorn-Aquarius...

This is the reason that they make their sub-ordinates work harder and even they are equally hard-working. They are adept in quite efficient to handle any business and having methodical approach help them in establishing or managing a successful business. However, they are not great managers of their personal relationships and suffer great difficulties in their personal lives.

Home Other Astrology Articles. I am January 18 and I absolutely fall in love and people fall in love with me! I wonder if this is normal??

Cancer-Leo and Capricorn-Aquarius are opposite...

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I am born January 19th and in my early 30s.

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I am extremely perceptive of my surroundings and superficial with others. I have a hard time trusting others. Falling for a person is Cancer hookup a capricorn aquarius cusp for me because if I have feelings for them and they fail me, I fall hard. Knowing this, I run away from personal relationship as soon as i feel my toes lifted off my grounding and my toes tipped for taking off.

BTW I do believe our egos are bloody enormous. I feel alone a lot of the time, but when I go out I see a lot of people I know. I am also self conscious about what people think of me, but there are also other times when I couldnt give a damn.

I feel I am quiet and anxious, but other times confident and loud. Does anyone know if this is supposed to be good? It seems like a lot of us cuspers are going through something really strange. Jan 18th here and I feel Cancer hookup a capricorn aquarius cusp most of the time when I never used to. I feel like I am waiting for something fundamentally different to happen to change this and to help me engage with life again, but I also feel society is a mess and needs spiritually sorting out.

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The Aquarian creativity and impatience against Capricorn restraint is unbearable, yet I am also annoyed when the beauty of the old is washed away without a bye your leave. However, deep down I do know the Universe does look after us.

Also, my sex drive is strong, unihibited but erratic.