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As I look back at my counseling throughout the years, I have noticed that there has been a certain population I have a difficult time connecting with and counseling.

As a parent of one such thinker, I also found it difficult to connect with him at times because we think so differently.

For me, well, I am more of a relational thinker. There is no middle ground or gray area.

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The thoughts or emotional processes and motives in decisions the heart are practically irrelevant and are difficult to grasp. You make a decision based on what is right or wrong.

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Relational Thinkers tend to be more flexible in their judgment of actions and people for the sake of the relationship. Each one focuses on what is most important to them.

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As humans created in the Image of God, I believe it is important to see how both of these type of thinkers can reflect Him. You see, God is both moral and relational.

There is absolute Truth because it is His universe. There is absolute right and absolute wrong. In His Word, He explains what wrong is sin throughout every 66 books of the Scriptures.

Yet as His Word explains what is wrong and sinful, these wrongs are also explained in the greater context of relationship between us and Him, the Bride church and the bridegroom Christ.

Yet, even though both type of thinkers come from being image-bearers of God, it is necessary that we recognize that our type of thinking has been stained by the sin in our hearts.

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Are you becoming like a Pharisee focusing on how others need to get in line while being blind to your own sins? When you speak truth, is it spoken in love? For the Relational Thinkerconsider this: Are you so focused on love and feeling good that you are making moral compromises?

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Are you sidestepping discipline for the children so that you have good relationships with them? What questions come to mind when reading this?

Part 4 Mental Illness[…]. Please click on the respective links for Parts An Introduction Part 1 and Part 2our interpretive lenses play a significant role in defining what is right and wrong.

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Yet for simplicity sake, I have narrowed it down to these two types of thinkers. Perhaps further research will allow for additional categories and more discussions. Tags Black and White ThinkingChristianityfaithlawrelationshipsstandardtruth.

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Part 4 Mental Illness[…] Reply. An Introduction […] Reply.

As children, many of us...

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