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When bad things happen to good marriages

Naked Girls 18+ When bad things happen to good marriages.

And we both really stink at playing God.

After 17 years of marriage, we started attending an ongoing Bible study group to guard our hearts because we knew how fleshly they can be. After arriving home from class with clenched teeth, I quickly tucked our kids in and then shut our bedroom door behind us for our heated disagreement.

Living with four intuitive kids who sense disharmony by any tone alteration nipped that. We have also learned voice-raising exacerbates whatever issue we are disagreeing over. But here we were, acting human.

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When I woke at 4: Still unsettled about the whole thing, I needed a source of reason, a tidbit of truth to know I was in the right. I am convinced our hearts are not healthy until they have been satisfied by the only completely healthy love that exists: Had the kids heard, Mom most certainly would have taken drops of vinegar on the tongue.

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