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Sex experience story

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Home Stories Submit Login Search. Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - here you will find some of the best Indian sex stories and the hottest sex fantasies that will make you cum. Our readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with us and you can too by submitting yours.

We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories. This Kerala Erotica website has been Sex experience story of my life for a long time and after reading about few real stores here I decided to share mine as well.

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Whoever invented this site has a brilliant mind and I thank them for creating this site. Most often in life, we cannot express ourselves or share Sex experience story true sexual incidents; due to our own insecurity, fear of the future or revenge, but it will continue to torment us as long as we live.

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If anyone who is reading this story thinks that you don't have a story to write; please think again, because a life without a story is not a life at all and I am sure you have one. I can't speak for all the authors and their authenticity of their stories; but I can promise you that mine is a real incident except the name and the places. This incident has changed my family and separated me from my only brother and I haven't spoken to him for many years.

My name is John, and of course it is a made-up name, because it is extremely important to protect my identity since malayalee community is small in New York and I am a well known person in Sex experience story community. Perhaps my friends will read this story and wonder about my identity and I will join them saying that "who the fuck is this and I think this is someone I know".

Anyway, let me share my story and I never ever shared Sex experience story story with anyone except Sex experience story immediate family members who caught me in the act. Oh, by the way if my beloved brother is reading this story, I ask you again to forgive me and let us rebuild our relationship, which was destroyed many years ago due to my stupidity.

My dear brother it was an accident and my actions were not justified. I was young and stupid and circumstances were beyond Sex experience story control.

I am about to tell you the truth; nothing but the truth so help me brother. I still regret that moment and I don't know how to get forgiveness. As you know this incident is the reason why I am still single, because I know you will make good with your promise and you will ruin my marriage life by telling my wife.

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I know you would tell this incident to my future wife, if I have one and I take your threat very seriously. Please forgive me my brother, let us move on and let us leave this behind us. I did not have any touch with you since this incident and subsequent incidents.

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I know where you are, but I don't have the courage to make that phone call. I was born and raised in Ernakulum since my religious background is not important for this story, let me skip that part, and I came to America in Sex experience story 80s with my parents when I was very young and I grew up here.

I never had any sexual experience before this incident took place, even though I had my imaginations and fantasies from sex story books and friends.

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During my college years my brother got married and they were living with us for few years after their marriage. During the first few months of their marriage, they went to India and Europe for their honeymoon and I couldn't take my mind off from their honeymoon activities. She is a very gorgeous and unbelievably sexy girl with a pair of nice boobs and a Sex experience story body. Since I was the younger brother she used to touch me and play with me without any hesitation, but I always had an eye on her because she was the girl I ever came that close besides my blood relatives.

Her smell, soft hand, soft speech and sexy voice have been my inspiration and I was very attracted to her. I used to go crazy when she Sex experience story with her sexy voice.

One day I was watching TV in our family room and she came and sat next to me as usual.

Since I was laying down on the sofa with my head resting on the hand rest, there was no room for another person, but she kind of moved my legs and try to sit there. I immediately fold my legs and made room for her and she sat there. It was during late morning hours and I was off and of course she did not get any papers to work, so she was home as well.

This was not the first time she Sex experience story with me in that manner and it is very common even when everybody is home as well. Anyway, after few minutes as I was struggling to keep my legs folded, Sex experience story took my legs and stretches them into her bosom.

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Once again there is nothing wrong with this practice and she did this many times in front of Sex experience story and it was Sex experience story normal and casual. Well, my dirty mind and her closeness and being alone at home were the main reasons for the incident and I regret this incident till this day.

My leg start sweating even in the American winter month and she repeatedly start asking me about my well being because of my hard breathing patterns. I continue to assure her that "I am ok chachy and don't worry and I am fine".

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However, my body was speaking a different language and I was enjoying her hand on my leg and she was carrying on with the normal TV program, while I was dying with a testosterone attack. The more I struggled and acted abnormal the more she rubbed my leg to make Sex experience story feel better.

I still think that she was innocent with this incident and I was guilty of thinking with my dick head and running my relationship with my brother. Soon my penis start erecting and it made a bulge and it was visible.

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Since I couldn't help with my erection; I struggled more and more to hide it. I wanted to leave, but I was afraid that when I Sex experience story my bulge will be more visible and I did not want embarrass myself, so I continue to struggle.

At some fine moment, she wanted to change the channel and as she tried to reach the remote control, which was on the table; her boobs pressed against my upper legs and I was in heaven. I automatically reacted to it by pressing hard with my leg, but she did not notice or care about, it because she Sex experience story it was an innocent reaction.

Anyway, as minutes went by I was panting and my pennies become fully erected. I try to lift up my legs to hide my junior, but she press my leg down and at this point her hands were above my knees. She was fully focused on the TV program and I was on her and her every move and face expressions. My breathing got heavier and I felt like watt of electricity was passing through my body and I burst into releasing my load inside my pajama and during that process she noticed the huge wet spot and she understood what had happened.

I hardly engaged in masturbation Sex experience story to my religious teachings and I used to release my load accidentally during my sleep with sweet dreams. We were speechless for few seconds and starred at each other without saying any word. At the next moment she put her hand into my pajama and she got a hold of my pennies. This was my first experience and she was the first girl who ever touched my pennies.

Since I just came I was not erect or I couldn't help in anyway. I had that funny and crazy feeling on my pennies but in few minutes she made me feel better and it started erecting. I was so surprised when she started sucking on my penis with some cum on it and it was a shocker.

Whatever I heard and read in sex story books were coming true in front of my eyes and Sex experience story lost my mind and heart somewhere during Sex experience story process. I couldn't think or react to her unbelievable talents of sucking my penis and I was in another world.