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Strangulation during sex

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It Strangulation during sex included choking, despite Schneiderman literally being responsible for introducing legislation that criminalised strangulation, introducing specific misdemeanor offences in an attempt to prosecute perpetrators of domestic violence more effectively. If the allegations are proven to be true, it would appear that the true role-playing was when Schneiderman convinced New York that he was one of the good ones — a liberal, MeToo-supporting, Harvey Weinstein-baiting ally of women.

These acts are often characterised — and, consensually, enjoyed by some — as fetishistic auto-erotic asphyxiation that deprives the brain of oxygen and, proponents claim, enhances orgasms.

Rather, these allegations are more aptly categorised as assault. This case is — surprise — about the fetishisation of power. It has more in common with Quentin Tarantino insisting on choking Uma Thurman and Diane Kruger himself during filming. But the choking of women during sex is Strangulation during sex some obscure fetish. Anecdotally, I have Strangulation during sex than one female friend who has experienced a man putting his hands around her throat without asking, and with a nonchalance that suggested they viewed this as normal behaviour, without so much as a discussion beforehand.

Furthermore the language we use here is important. The bottom line is, for any sex to be enjoyable, it has to be safe.

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Erotic asphyxiation is the intentional...

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There's also a physiological reason...

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