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Hazel Higgleton, 25, went through hell when a jilted boyfriend wanting revenge posted an intimate video of her on a porn website Laughing with my friends, I glanced down at my phone.

As I logged on and opened the folder, a wave of nausea hit me. Flashing in front of me was message after message, all from strange men. I felt weak as I read the contents. Some were unbelievably crude, describing what they wanted to do to me, others warned me that a sex video of me was online Upload your sex tape even including a link.

I tentatively clicked on it. To my horror, my full name flashed up in capital letters, followed by a video that was private, intimate Upload your sex tape graphic. I felt violated and dirty, almost as if those men had been physically touching me. I wanted to contact them all and scream that they had no right to see me like that.

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My mind flashed back to events of the last few months. Our first few weeks together had been great, which was when that video was filmed. Even when his controlling behaviour escalated, that video never concerned me.

The rows were constant, and his mind games got disturbing. While we were arguing one day, me crying in my pyjamas, he whipped out his phone, photographed my distraught expression, then threatened to put the picture on social media. It felt like yet another power trip. How wrong could I be? That afternoon in the park, still reeling from the shock, I started thinking about what to do. I was in for a shock.

After taking a statement and looking at messages from John, the two police officers gently broke the news. All they could do was advise me to text John, warning him not to contact me again, and to email internet search engines requesting the video was taken down. I was the one being violated, yet the law was against me.

John, meanwhile, was free to get away with his disgusting actions. In the weeks that followed, the video went viral, and was re-posted by random Upload your sex tape to porn sites around the world, even in Japan.

Googling my name brought up page after page of links to adult sites, and every day around 30 strangers messaged me on Facebook. It was horrible, but I tried desperately to blank it out, telling no one in my family.

As recommended, I contacted search engines but got nowhere, since their application process to remove web content was ridiculously Upload your sex tape.

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Approaching the websites directly and explaining my situation was more successful. To my relief, one by one the videos were being taken down. Then I heard of a new law about to be passed, making revenge porn illegal.

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It was brilliant; exactly what was needed. But while it was too late for John to be charged, there was still time for my own personal justice to be served. Why should I hide away? Opening up to my family and wider friends helped me come to terms with what happened.

Their support Upload your sex tape me on to do a speech to sixth-formers at a local school, which was nerve-racking but liberating.

Shockingly, the majority admitted that they, or someone they knew, had been affected by revenge porn. That showed me this is a widespread problem and people need to be educated.

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I had to get involved. When the legislation was going through, I went to the Houses Of Parliament to meet politicians. Knowing I was helping to make a difference felt great, and when the legislation was passed earlier this year I celebrated.

Finally, after almost two years and a lot of hard work, that video is no longer on the internet. And despite the pain it caused, I feel no shame. In the case Upload your sex tape young people, it can lead to bullying, and for older people, it can impact on their work.

If that fails, contact the method of distribution eg, social media platform and ask them to take down the material. This could be a picture of someone who is engaged in sexual behaviour or posing in a sexually provocative way.

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Those found guilty of the crime could face a sentence of up to two years in prison. Hazel is glad legislation has changed after what she went through Image: Simon Taylor Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe See our privacy notice More newsletters.

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