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Dating for 3 years and not living together

xXx Photo Galleries Dating for 3 years and not living together.
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The situation was unique: Even after pooling our money together, Jordan and I could only afford to rent one room for the two of us: I assumed it would entail some light bickering, rolling of eyes, and a night or two of alone time.

I thought we would continue the relationship we already had, just in closer quarters. Instead, our relationship completely changed.

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It adapted to the new space, our new life, and became something totally new and different. When living apart, Jordan and I were truly dating.

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We had time to miss each other. Living together meant no mystery.

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Jordan saw all the things I usually did by myself in the privacy of my apartment: These comforts were changed by the fact that there was now a witness besides my cat. Even though Jordan never gave me any reason to, I felt guilty when he was around my laziness.

To make up for it, I tried to do most of the grocery shopping and cooking. I felt double-guilty when the chores stressed me out.

Eventually, I talked to Jordan about it and we compromised: Most days, I cooked and he cleaned. Instead, we had to compromise when it came to emotions.

For instance, I realized something really important about myself: I wake up in a bad mood. No matter what, the sun rises to find me on the wrong side of the bed.

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Once I get moving and thinking happy caffeinated thoughts, my day is all uphill from there. We quickly realized that he has terrible bad mood immunity.

While I woke up like the Grinch, but cheered up within the hour, Jordan caught my grumpiness and it followed him around all day like a thundercloud. We were both embarrassed.

Thus, the compromising began. On a normal morning, we barely spoke to each other.

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