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Things to do to win her back

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Winning a girl back is much harder than catching the eye of a new girl, but if you really want to reignite an old flame, there are a few things you can do to maximize your chances. To get her back, you have to make her want you, show how much you've changed, and then make the move. You should give yourself time to reflect after a breakup to think about what went wrong in your previous relationship, not so you can move on to the next girl.

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Ask yourself what you did to make her break up with you. Whatever it was, you have to make sure never to do it again if you want her to give you the time of day. Read on for another quiz question. Instead of withdrawing and acting sad, you should let her see you being your best self.

This way, she can see what she's missing out on!

While it might be painful to see the girl in person, you also don't want to ignore her. Go out to your regular hangouts and be yourself.

If you see her, give her a wave and a smile. This apology is not specific enough and could come off as insincere. Instead, apologize by saying what you did wrong, whether it be not hanging out enough or not listening when she talks. Using the words "you think" in your apology reduces some of its power.

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This places the blame on her thoughts, not on your actions! This apology focuses on what you did wrong didn't listen and shows that you know what you need to do to make it right be more attentive. You shouldn't apologize just because she wants you to.

Your apology needs to be genuine and sincere to win her back! How can you ensure the relationship won't end again once she's given you a second chance? You shouldn't worry about screwing up all the time -- it will just stress you out.

As long as you know what you did wrong the first time, you can ensure you don't do it again. While you can apologize again on the first date after your breakup, avoid beating a dead horse. Saying you're sorry too often can make you seem like a broken record.

You can become a better listener or a more attentive boyfriend, but in the end, you're still you. Don't try so hard to show that you've changed that there's nothing left of the old you. While you certainly shouldn't forget what happened in the past, you can use this second chance as a fresh start. Work on building something completely new and much better! Featured Articles Heartbreak and Breaking Up. Give her some space. The first thing you need to do is give the girl some space.

If you start knocking down her door and calling her every five minutes she'll only pull further away from you. The amount of space and time you give her depends on what happened when you tried to date her.

If you ended a serious relationship, you'll need to give her more space than you would if you had just dated a few times. Don't call her, chat with her at parties, or email her just to see Things to do to win her back she's doing.

If you see her socially, be polite and say hi, but make it clear that you're not going to bother her. Just don't give her too much space.

If you leave her alone for a few months, that will give her plenty of time to find someone new.

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Give yourself some time to reflect. Not only should you give her some space, but you should give yourself some space to reflect and think about what went wrong in the relationship. Take the time to sit down and ask what you did to make her not want you; were you too attentive, too moody, or too distant? Whatever you did, you have to make sure never to do it again if you want a moment of her day.

Write down the things that went wrong.

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Consider what you can do to improve this kind of behavior. Don't date anyone else during the reflection period.

Focus on self-improvement and working on not repeating the same mistakes. Don't pursue her until you've figured out what went wrong and know how to change it. Though you should avoid getting busy in the bedroom while you're trying to win your girl back, you should try to live a busy and active life so you can work on being independent and pursuing your interests.

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If you're just sitting around waiting for enough time to pass to start trying to hang out with her again, she'll know. Continue pursuing your hobbies and interests. Don't stop doing all of the things you love because your heart is aching.

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Spend time with your friends. They'll cheer you up and lend you a fresh perspective.

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Your self-esteem will improve if you exercise a few times a week, and all the better if she sees you out running. Let her see you having a great time. Once you've given her some space and have worked Things to do to win her back self-improvement, she'll be much closer to wanting you. But now you have to put all the pieces together and let her see what an amazing guy you are and how much fun it is to be around you.

Without looking like a stalker, make sure you're hanging out in some of the same places so she can see what a blast it is to be around you. If she sees you, try to laugh with your friends as much as you can without being too obvious about it.

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If she's around, be very animated and interested in the conversations you're having, showing that you're a passionate guy who loves to talk to his friends.

Don't ignore her when she sees you. Give her a small wave and go back to the great conversation you were having.

Chances are she was mad that you didn't dance with her more. Let her see you getting down on the dance floor Things to do to win her back having a great time. Let her see you being your best self. There was obviously something she liked about you, so use your assets to your advantage.

Make her jealous optional. This is an optional move because it depends on the situation. If your relationship ended because she was so jealous that you were always hanging around with other girls, then you shouldn't make her jealous or she'll just be reminded of the reason why things didn't work out between you.

But if your relationship ended because she thought you were just too into her, or that she was bored by you, then making her jealous is a great move. Here's how to do it: If you're on speaking terms, casually mention other girls. You can mention one girl a few times, leading her to wonder, "Who is this girl?

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Chat with her for a few minutes before moving on to flirt with another girl that's nearby. Make sure you're close enough for her to watch it happen. If she hears you talking about other girls and sees you flirting with others, she may want you even more, but if you're all over every girl at every party, you may look desperate or sleazy. Part 1 Quiz Why should you give yourself some time to reflect after a breakup?

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So you can decide which girl you want to date next. So you can think about what went wrong in the relationship. So she can see how sad she's made you. So you don't have to talk or interact with her. If it was too easy the first time, make her chase you. If you can't think of what went wrong in the relationship because you smothered her with love, then chances are that this was exactly what went wrong.