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Misty opened her eyes with her vision all a blur, as she groaned a bit, trying to push herself up on her knees. What she wore at the time was a red bikini.

Misty widened her eyes as she came to realize what had happened. We're on an island!

Misty saw that their raft was all busted with a large hole in it, rendering it unsuitable to sail. May, where are you? Misty let out a sigh of relief, knowing that her friend was safe on shore. May, are you okay? May began to move and groan as she opened her eyes.

She looked up at Misty with blurry vision as she responded a bit dizzy "M-Misty? I think we've shipwrecked on an island somewhere, and our raft is totally busted. How are we gonna get out of here?! We've even left our Pokemon at the Pokemon Center!

We could really use their help to get out of here Misty then kneeled to May and placed her hands on the brown haired girl's shoulders and said "I know, May. But Pokemon trainer may nude just have to figure things out on our own, for Pokemon trainer may nude. Misty then smiled and shrugged as she answered "Hey, how hard can it be to build a hut? All we have to do is make rope out of some bamboo, then put up some other bamboo with palm leaves to make a roof.

I think we'll be fine, trust me. Misty held May by the hand, guiding her to the little jungle as she added "At a girl! Then afterwards, let's try finding some food and make a fire. That is probably a good idea. Let's hope that there are no bug-type Pokemon in there. As they walked, May was deep in thought, still concerned about how they are ever going to leave the island.

Even if we do manage to build camp, how are we ever going to be rescued? We might be alone together, stuck on this island forever. Me and Misty alone together?! I feel like such a pervert I should be ashamed of Pokemon trainer may nude Misty took a listen and said "Yeah, I hear one too.

Let's follow the sound. We found a place to take a bath and have a fresh drink.

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Soon, Misty and May started cutting down some bamboo and pulled some branches and palm leaves. Misty hammered some steaks down with a rock while May tied some of the bamboo together. Misty then looked at the raft in thought. Since the gash on the raft is too big to patch up, she figured they might as well use the rubber fabric as a blanket. So they cut a big piece off and laid in flat on the floor in the hut.

They then threw some palm leaves on top of the hut to make the roof. They then set up a place to Pokemon trainer may nude a fire Pokemon trainer may nude even placed some branches near by.

And as an added measure, they made fishing rods so that they could catch some fish to eat, hoping that the fish wouldn't be water-type Pokemon.

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Once it was all finished, it was near sunset as Misty and May wiped sweat off their brows as May said with a smile "We did it! We actually did it!

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I told you there was nothing Pokemon trainer may nude worry about. May shot her eyes open at Misty and blushed at the idea of being naked in a pool with her as she asked "You Pokemon trainer may nude you and me bathing in the same pool together?

Later that evening, their swimwears were laid to the side of the pool while Misty ran by the edges naked.

She leaped and had herself curled in a ball as she cried out "Cannonball! May yelped as she rained her hands up as to keep the water from getting her face. Misty popped her head out and shook the water out of her hair as she swam to where May was sitting.

A great way to get in a bath, right? Misty sat down next to May and let out a sigh of relaxation herself. It's just us two girls having some fun in the nude! Misty looked at May, surprised, blushing at the thought of being naked with another girl. May nodded her head in agreement.

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Both girls giggled as Misty said "Yeah, meanwhile us girls are more into looking appealing, talking to friends about glamor, and admiring cute things. Misty then marveled May from head to toe, seeing how pretty her body was, before saying "Yeah, especially each other.

Infact, I think you are really pretty naked. May blushed from hearing such a compliment, especially from her friend, Misty. You really think so?

I've always adored you, May. May felt delighted to hear Misty say those words, Pokemon trainer may nude course she also felt modest as she said "Th-Thank you, Misty. Though, I doubt I'm as amazing as you. Misty was touched to know how much her friend admired her, even almost formed a tear as she said "Well, thank you, May.

I appreciate your honest Pokemon trainer may nude of me. She then scooched slowly closer to May, feeling her heart thump as Pokemon trainer may nude reached a hand over to May's left shoulder and placed her other hand on the brunette's thigh. May's smile disappeared as she blushed, wondering what Misty was up to.

Misty then narrowed her face down to the right in shame as she said "I know that you think it's weird since we're both girls and that we're only supposed to kiss guys, but May then quickly reassured "No, no! When I said I admired you I I also had a crush on you when I first saw you. May then had her hands on Misty's shoulders as she assured "It's okay, Misty. Now that I know you feel about me the same way I feel about you, I want to express my affections for you with no fear of rejection.

Both girls then leaned to one another so that their lips would press together in a kiss. As they made out softly, both girls hand their hands lightly rub each other's skin, each feeling a tingle of pleasure all over their bodies. The sensation made both girls excited, yet they kept calm while kissing one another. When they pulled away, Misty moved her hand to May's vagina and began rubbing it.

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May let out a yelp at the direct touch as she spread her legs, allowing Misty full access to her smooth hairless girlhood. May gently clawed on Misty's back, "Please, don't stop, Misty! Your hands is so soft and smooth! Touch me more down there! Misty happily obliged as she inserted her fingers inside May.

The brunette yelped again when she felt Misty slip her fingers inside her. Misty gently pumped her fingers in and out, while her Pokemon trainer may nude hand held May close by the hip.

She then planted a soft loving kiss on May's cheek and said "You are so cute, May. Every inch of you is cute. And I love you so much. May let out a gasp as she said "I love you so much too, Misty! You are super pretty! After seven minutes, Misty pulled her fingers out and gave May more kisses.

May kissed back as she though 'I can't believe this is actually happening!

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Not only have we shared our fist kiss with each Pokemon trainer may nude, but we're having our first sex with one another, to boot! This is a dream come true! May blushed with her heart skipping a beat at the idea of touching Misty's vaginal area.

Misty let out a short soft yelp at the direct touch, feeling May's finger rub her sex. Rub me softly down there, just like that! May was filled with joy that she was pleasuring her friend Misty. I'm so happy that we're doing this with each other!

Misty threw her head with a loud moan, before she looked at May with a winking smile and said "Me too! Despite our situation, this is the most romantic moment of my life! May then pulled out and engaged in more kisses with Misty.