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Casual fling meaning

Porn Base Casual fling meaning.

Fling - definition of fling by The Free Dictionary https: To throw with violence: See Synonyms at throw.

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To put or send suddenly or unexpectedly: To cast aside; discard: To move quickly, violently, or impulsively: He flung out of the room. Informal A usually brief attempt or effort: You take a fling at it.

Dancing any of various vigorous Scottish reels full of leaps and turns, such as the Highland fling. She flung herself angrily from the room. Switch to new thesaurus. To send through the air with a motion of the hand or Casual fling meaning An act of throwing: A period of uncontrolled self-indulgence: He flung a brick through the window.

He flung out of the house. They danced a Highland fling.

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