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I slept with my sister stories

Porn Base I slept with my sister stories.

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What does four and four equal? I was sixteen, male, and extremely horny all the time naturally of course. Anyways, my dad left a long time ago, when I was around four years old. My sisters have a different father that left as well, so they are technically my half-sisters. So, we all live together like usual, everyday normal stuff.

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It felt like she was trying to bond with me suddenly out of nowhere and started to act different from usual. One night she comes into my room wearing nothing but a towel, and said she just got out of a bath.

I averted my eyes a lot on purpose and she noticed quickly and sat on my bed. Weirded out, I scooted back and forced my face into the book I was reading.

I asked her what she wanted and then she was silent. I lowered my book and then I saw her in a laying position on one of my pillows. She said that she wanted her back rubbed and I slept with my sister stories if I could do it for her. After how nice she had been lately, I accepted and scooted behind her.

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Even though we are siblings, it felt weird to rub her back while she was basically naked on my bed. But all I could see was her backside. After a few minutes, she started to moan and say my name quietly. I stopped and then she asked my why.

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