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Girl with a Pearl Earring is a romantic drama film directed by Peter Webber. Scarlett Johansson stars as Griet, a young 17th-century servant in the household of the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer played by Colin Firth at the time he painted Girl with a Pearl Earring in the city of Delft in Holland.

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Hetreed read the novel before its publication, and her husband's production company convinced Chevalier to sell the film rights. Hudson withdrew shortly before filming began, however, and the film was placed in hiatus until the hire of Webber, who re-initiated the casting process. In his feature film debut, Webber sought to avoid employing traditional characteristics [ clarification needed ] of the period film drama.

In a interview with IGN, he said, "What I was scared of is ending up with something that was like Masterpiece Theatre[that] very polite Sunday evening BBC kind of thing, and I [was] determined to make something quite different from that Critics generally applauded the film's visuals and performances while questioning elements of its story. Griet Scarlett Johansson is a shy girl living in the Dutch Pink pearls amsterdam dating scene in washington in Her father, a Delftware painter, has recently gone blind, rendering him unable to work and putting his family in a precarious financial situation.

To help matters, Griet is sent to work as a maid in the household of famed painter Johannes Vermeer Colin Firth. Griet works hard, almost wordlessly, in the lowest position in a harsh hierarchy.

She does her best to adjust, despite the unkind treatment from Vermeer's daughter Cornelia.

While she is on a routine shopping trip outside the house, a butcher's son, Pieter Cillian Murphynotices Griet and is drawn to her. However, she is slow to return his affections as their relationship develops. As Griet cleans Vermeer's studio, which his wife Catharina Essie Davis never enters, the painter begins to converse with her and encourages her appreciation of painting, light and color.

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Vermeer gives her lessons in mixing paints and other tasks, taking care to keep this secret from his wife, who would react with anger and jealousy if she found out that her husband was spending time with Griet.

Vermeer's rich patronVan Ruijven Tom Wilkinsonnotices Griet on a visit to the Vermeer household and asks the painter if he will give her up to work in his own house, a situation which "ruined" his former girl-maid.

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Vermeer refuses, but agrees to paint a portrait of Griet for Van Ruijven. As Vermeer secretly works on the eponymous painting, Catharina cannot help but notice something is amiss. Her growing disdain for Griet becomes more apparent, spurred on by Van Ruijven's deliberate suggestions of an improper relationship between Vermeer and the young maid.

A conflicted Griet must deal with her growing fascination with Vermeer and his talent,and subsequently fend off Van Ruijven, who attempts to rape her in the courtyard.

Later, when Catharina is out for the day, her mother hands Griet her daughter's pearl earrings, and asks Vermeer to finish the painting. At the final painting session, Vermeer pierces Griet's left earlobe so she can wear one of the earrings for the portrait. The tension heightens considerably when Griet reacts to the pain, and Vermeer tenderly caresses her face. Griet then runs to Pieter to be consoled, and presumably distracted from her thoughts of Vermeer. They embrace and make love in a barn, where Pieter proposes marriage, but Griet unexpectedly leaves.

She then returns the earrings to Catharina's mother. Later, Catharina flies into a rage upon discovering Griet used Pink pearls amsterdam dating scene in washington earrings.

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She storms into the studio, accuses her mother of complicity, and demands Vermeer show her the commissioned portrait. Offended by the intimate nature of the painting, Catharina dismisses it as "obscene," and tearfully asks why Vermeer won't paint her.

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When Vermeer responds, "Because you don't understand," she tries but fails to destroy the painting. She then banishes Griet from the house forever, to which Vermeer does not object, and lets Griet depart. Later, Griet is visited by Vermeer's house cook Tanneke, who comes bearing her a gift: The film ends with a slow reveal of the real-life painting, "Girl with a Pearl Earring.

Chevalier agreed, believing that a Pink pearls amsterdam dating scene in washington studio would help resist Hollywood's urge "to sex up the film. Paterson and Tucker promised to "replicate the 'emotional truth' of the story [ Hetreed worked closely with Tucker and Webber to adapt the book, explaining that "working with them on drafts helped me to concentrate on what the film would be, rather than how beautifully I could make a line work.

The novel maximises the few known facts of Vermeer's life, which Hetreed described as "little pillars sticking up out of the dust of history. Originally, the American actress Kate Hudson was cast as Griet, [7] having successfully pursued the role from the film's producers.

In Septemberhowever, Hudson pulled out four weeks before filming began, officially due to "creative differences". It also resulted in the withdrawal of Mike Newell as director and Ralph Fiennes as Vermeer; Fiennes left the project to work on his film Maid in Manhattan. Production started again later that year when the producers hired the relatively unknown British television director Peter Webber to head the project, [6] [13] despite his not having directed a feature film before.

The casting of Griet was Webber's first major step, and led to interviews with girls before Webber chose the year-old actress Scarlett Johansson. He felt that she "just stood out. She had something distinctive about Pink pearls amsterdam dating scene in washington. She considered the script "beautifully written" and the character "very touching", [17] but did not read the book because she thought it would be better to approach the story with a "clean slate.

After the hiring of Johansson, other major casting decisions quickly followed, beginning with the addition of English actor Colin Firth as Vermeer. Firth also studied painting techniques and visited museums carrying Vermeer works.