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Itil process maturity framework

Porn Base Itil process maturity framework.

The IT Skeptic is on: Rob England is the IT Skeptic. Belief is like a red helium balloon. You can't bear to let go of it.

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But letting go is easy, and once you do it floats away and you wonder why you ever held it. Work, politics, race, religion The world changes, beliefs don't. This book is about how to run services, in any organisation, in any industry.

The ITIL Maturity model and...

It describes the basics, the core stuff, in realistic pragmatic terms. And it is pragmatically brief - we kept it to 50 Itil process maturity framework pages. I'm looking at a "classic" process maturity assessment done by a consulting firm for a client, and what a useless document it is. I'm not saying who sent it to me or why or where from.

There are 26 processes and...

That isn't important here because so many assessments are similar. The report analyses 8 practices. It doesn't say why those eight. They are a typical eight: It tells the client they suck. Maturity not much above 1 in all of the practices. Is this a problem?

ITIL expert Hank Marquis explains...

What are the risks? Does it matter at the client site? It offers five high-level recommendations and about 8 recommendations for each of the 8 processes. That's nearly 70 recommendations, all of them hard.

It offers no way of prioritising them and no roadmap for addressing them.

In a previous paper we...

That's in the next paid engagement. So what have you told me?

We knew that - that's why you are here. How much we suck, and what a huge task we have ahead of us to not suck.

This paper describes a holistic...

Well, that's really going to help launch a programme. There is zero discussion of the organisational context, what their goals are. Why do they need to improve? What do they want to achieve? There is very little discussion of any conditions specific to the site. People pay for this?

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The reason why all of these 'tools' and 'approaches' fail as they only paint part of the picture and a disconnected one at that. Also there are range of methodologies which has resulted in multiple silos in terms of standards, methodologies and their application.

To eliminate all of this we have taken an approach that captures a full Enterprise Reference Architecture, its layers, etc. Also this approach enables the ERA to be viewed from multiple perspectives and has the benefit of linking all the components in an enterprise together in a meaningful way. Change one thing and it cascades and impacts on other Itil process maturity framework.

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Without a holistic view you work on 'parts' of an enterprise in splendid isolation and generally in a meaningless way. Very interesting point and in general we agree conceptually in the ERA.

If you have that then you can look at how to optimise your processes. We also prefer this as a strategy than Continuous Service Improvement because knowing the process interactions means we can look for ways to apply effective technology to optimize those processes, or 'simply' Itil process maturity framework those processes.

That being said, an Enterprise Reference Architecture by its very own nature it is in the word "Enterprise" will be impossible to achieve.

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Our companies are spread over multiple geographies, with lines of business that intersect and share. The act of defining the ERA in the first place will consume a significant proportion of our resources i'm thinking of the outsourcing discussion above to accurately model and even then will have changed before the model is completed. Not quite sure any more what you are driving at.

Most of your comments indicate sensible thinking and a lot of bad experience working within frameworks termed as ITIL. However I don't really see any suggestions as to what to do, rather what things are useless. I am not sure what then to make of them i. Is it a sign that much of ITIL has been picked up and implemented in the real world too many times in a certain way that it now lives its own life and synonymous with less-then perfect practice?

I am careful not to use the term "bad practice" as I consider these attempts to leave many organisations in a better state than without trying at all - even if they don't end up with "best practice" You hit the nail on the head, which Itil process maturity framework why we created Service Improvement Manager a cloud-base DIY continual improvement tool to combat just this very sort of thing http: No understanding of the value that a targeted 20K SMS scope can bring either.

Lets you self-assess your processes Compliance, Capability and Maturity 2. Track and manage the improvements I normally remove vendor-promotional comments, but this one is apropos enough to stay. Please don't think this sets a precedent: Keep doing what you're doing ITSkeptic. One day the vendors will wake up and begin to deliver solutions which enable agile service management instead of protecting ffiefdoms. Nice blog BTW, you mis-spelt "skeptic" as "septic".

I Itil process maturity framework with all the great content on your blog but not necessarily your premise as to the cause: ITIL is not mainframe specific.

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ITIL works well as a general framework if it is applied intelligently. And it doesn't need a CMDB to work well. New technologies don't change ITSM things much unless one has a narrow tech view of the Itil process maturity framework. From to this ship http: Even after it stopped sailing, it served as a school for sailors. There must have been people in charge of the sailors training like Rob who thought new technology does not change frameworks.

Reef the mainframe and haul up your incidents!

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