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In the film, Rhys Meyers's character marries into a wealthy family, but his social position is threatened by his affair with his brother-in-law's girlfriend, played by Johansson. The film treats themes of morality, greed, and the roles of lust, money, and luck in life, leading many to compare it to Allen's earlier film Crimes and Misdemeanors It was produced and filmed in London after Allen had difficulty finding financial support for the Emily mortimer nude fakes in New York.

The agreement obliged him to make it there using a cast and crew mostly from the United Kingdom.

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Allen quickly re-wrote the script, which was Emily mortimer nude fakes set in New York, for a British setting. Critics in the United States praised the film and its British setting, and welcomed it as a return to form for Allen.

In contrast, reviewers from the United Kingdom treated Match Point less favourably, finding fault with the locations and especially the idiom of the dialogue. Chris Wilton, a recently retired tennis professional, is taken on as an instructor at an upmarket club in London.

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He strikes up a friendship with a wealthy pupil, Tom Hewett, after discovering their common affinity for opera. Tom's older sister, Chloe, is smitten with Chris, and the two begin dating. Tom's mother, Eleanor, does not approve of her son's relationship with Nola, a struggling actress, which is a source of tension in the family. Celebrity Fakes nudes with...

Chloe encourages her father, Alec, to give Chris a job as an executive in one of his companies; he Emily mortimer nude fakes to be accepted into the family and marriage is discussed. During a storm, after having her choice of profession attacked by Eleanor, Nola leaves the house to be alone. Chris follows Nola outside and confesses his feelings for her, and they passionately have sex in a wheat-field.

Feeling guilty, Nola treats this as an accident; Chris, however, wants an ongoing clandestine relationship. Chris and Chloe marry, but Tom ends his relationship with Nola.

Chloe, to her distress, does not become pregnant immediately. Chris vainly tries to track down Nola, but meets her by chance some time later at the Tate Modern. He discreetly asks for her number, and they begin an affair. While Emily mortimer nude fakes is spending time with his wife's family, Nola calls to inform him that she is pregnant. Panicked, Chris asks her to get an abortionbut she refuses, saying that she wants to raise the child with him.

Chris becomes distant from Chloe, who suspects he is having an affair, which he denies. Nola urges Chris to divorce his wife, and he feels trapped and finds himself lying to Chloe as well as to Nola.

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Nola confronts him on the street outside his office and he just barely escapes public detection. Soon after, Chris takes a shotgun from his father-in-law's home and carries it to his office in a tennis bag.

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On leaving, he calls Nola on her mobile to tell her he has good news for her. He goes to Nola's building and gains entry into the apartment of her neighbor, Mrs. Eastby, who he shoots and kills and then stages a burglary by ransacking the rooms and stealing jewelry and drugs. As Nola returns he shoots her in the stairwell.

Chris then takes a taxi to the theater to watch a musical with Chloe. Scotland Yard investigates the crime and concludes it was committed by a drug addict stealing money. The following day, as the murder is in the news, Chris returns the shotgun and he and Chloe announce that she is pregnant.

Detective Mike Banner invites Chris Emily mortimer nude fakes an interview in relation to the murder. Beforehand, Chris throws Mrs. Eastby's jewelry and drugs into the river, but by chance her ring bounces on the railing and falls to the pavement.

At the police station, Chris lies about his relationship with Nola, but Banner surprises him with her diary, in which he is featured extensively. He confesses his affair but denies any link to the murder, and appeals to the detectives not to involve him further in their investigation as news of the affair may end his marriage just as he and his wife are expecting a baby.

One night Chris sees apparitions of Nola and Mrs. Eastby, who tell him to be ready for the consequences of his actions.

He replies that his crimes, though wrong, had been "necessary", and that he is able to suppress his guilt. At the same time, Banner dreams that Chris committed the murders. His theory is discredited by his partner, Dowd, who informs him that a drug peddler found murdered on the streets had Mrs. Eastby's ring in his pocket. Banner and Dowd consider the case closed and abandon any further investigation. Chloe gives birth to a baby boy named Terence, and his uncle blesses him not with greatness but with luck.

The script was originally set in Emily mortimer nude fakes Hamptonsa wealthy enclave in New York, but was transferred to London when Allen found financing for the film there.

In an interview with The GuardianAllen explained that he was allowed "the same kind of creative liberal attitude that I'm used to", in London. He complained that the American studio system was not interested in making small films: Scarlett Johansson was offered the part, and accepted, but the character had to be re-written as an American.

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According to Allen, "It was not a problem It took about an hour. Filming took place in London in the summer of over a seven-week schedule. The restaurant scene was shot at the Covent Garden Hotel. The film's opening voiceover from Wilton introduces its themes of chance and fate, which he characterises as simple luck, to him all-important. The sequence establishes the protagonist as an introvert, a man who mediates his experience of the world through deliberation, Emily mortimer nude fakes positions the film's subjective perspective through his narrative eyes.

Charalampos Goyios argued that this hero, as an opera lover, maintains a sense of distance from the outer world and that ramifications therein pale in comparison to the purity of interior experience.

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The film is a debate with Fyodor Dostoyevsky 's Crime and Punishmentwhich Wilton is seen reading early on, identifying him with the anti-hero Raskolnikov. Wilton is a brooding loner who kills a poor girl who loves him because he considers his interests superior to those around him, knows little guilt, and avoids detection through luck.

Allen signals his intentions with more superficial similarities: Allen argues, unlike Dostoyevsky, that there is neither God, nor punishment, nor love to provide redemption.

The theme of parody and reversal of Dostoyevsky's motifs and subject matter has been visited by Allen before, in his film Love and Death. Allen revisits Emily mortimer nude fakes of the themes he had explored in Crimes and Misdemeanorssuch as the existence of justice in the universe. Both films feature a murder of an unwanted mistress, and "offer a depressing view on fate, fidelity, and the nature of man".

After he tries to break the affair off, his mistress blackmails him and Emily mortimer nude fakes to go to his wife. Soon, Rosenthal decides to murder his mistress, but is racked with guilt over violating his moral code.

Eventually, he learns to ignore his guilt and go on as though nothing has happened. Philip French compared the two films' plots and themes in The Observerand characterised Match Point' s as a "clever twist on the themes of chance and fate".

Money is an important motivator for the characters: That family's secure position is demonstrated by their large country estate, and, early on in their relationships, both prospective spouses are supported by Mr.

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