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Dating app creative people

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Please introduce yourself and your startup Clikd to our readers! My name is Michael Blakeley, and I was a Lawyer and Compliance officer till last year where I jacked it all in to build a dating app.

That's why we've built a...

Clikd is a creative dating app that offers people a smart way to meet new people. Whether our users are looking for a date or a mate, we offer them a unique way to match with someone on their wavelength. We put people in control of their matching process and give them a creative way to express themselves and get better quality matches in a Dating app creative people and fun way.

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How did you get the idea to Clikd? It was pretty methodical actually. I was sick and tired of working in legal and compliance I was a lawyer and data protection officer and wanted to start my own business, to do something more fun and creative.

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So I sat down and came up with three ideas for businesses, a dating app, a mobile game and an event format. I then pitched them to a few of my friends whose opinion I trusted and they all agreed — the dating app was best, the other two were rubbish! How difficult was the start and what challenges you had to overcome?

Clikd is a creative dating...

Learning how to start-up a business, get investment, resolve supplier issues, manage design and development complications, learning and understanding marketing and social media to a degree I never thought I would. I have overcome them as I always do, head on.

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My co-founder and I make a great team who can research and understand most issues we have come up against. Where needed, we have liaised with several experts to get additional advice where reading was insufficient.

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