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It shows "real people in modified situations, saying unscripted lines but in a structured way.

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It is narrated by Denise van Outenwho is from BasildonEssex. Due to popularity, the show was extended to minute episodes and renewed for a year's airing. Celebrities as well as cast members past and present united to talk about the popularity of the show, the fame the cast members have achieved from appearing in the series as well as the influence it has had on the economy.

On 28 Februarywith the announcement of the cast for the show's twentieth series it was confirmed that instead of the usual three series per year, ITVBe would only be airing two series, but with more episodes. On 21 Decemberit was announced that a further two series had been commissioned for It was also confirmed that the series will only air once a week unlike past series which aired twice a week.

It was also announced that episode running times would be increased from 50 minutes to 60 minutes. The first series of the show began airing on 10 October and concluded on 10 Novemberconsisting of 10 episodes. Due to the success of the series, a Christmas special aired the same year on 24 Essex girls sex pictures This was the only series Essex girls sex pictures feature cast members Candy Jacobs and Michael Woods. Chatty Man on 21 February to discuss the first series and also confirmed a second series.

The second series began airing on 20 March and concluded on 4 May Due to the popularity of the Essex girls sex pictures series, the second series consisted of 14 episodes.

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The third series began airing on 24 September and concluded on 9 Novemberconsisting of 14 episodes. The cast of the third series excluding Wright and Norcross covered the Wham!

The fourth series began airing on 29 January and concluded on 29 Februaryconsisting of 10 episodes.

Mick Norcross returned to the series for the first time without his son Kirk. This was also the first series where the opening scenes changed to include silhouettes of the current characters, with the theme tune playing on the background. The fifth series began airing on 15 April and yet again ran for 10 episodes concluding on 27 May The series included just one new cast member as Danni Park-Dempsey made her first appearance.

It was also the last Essex girls sex pictures include Georgina Dorsett who left after just two series.

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Shortly after the series, an hour-long special entitled The Only Way Is Marbs Essex girls sex pictures, set in the holiday destination of Marbellaaired on 13 June The sixth series started airing from 22 July and concluded on 22 August Lauren Goodger confirmed that this series would be her last and she departed at the end of the series.

Former cast member Mark Wright, who last appeared in Series 3, made a cameo in the eighth episode, but did not have a speaking part.

The seventh series started airing from 30 September with all of the cast from the previous series returning apart from Lauren Goodger, and original cast member Kirk Norcross returning to the series after departing in Series 3. The series was renewed for two further series in Augustset to air sometime in The live episode was met with numerous negative reviews, with Digital Spy commenting that it just didn't work and was Essex girls sex pictures car crash TV with it not making much sense.

On 14 December it was confirmed that former cast member Mark Wright would return for a cameo appearance in the Christmas special. Original cast member Lydia BrightTom Kilbeyand Cara Kilbey all left after this series, and it was the first to include Danny Walia and Jasmin Walia, who had previously made a cameo in the first Christmas special of the show.

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The eighth series started airing from 24 February and saw the introduction of several new cast members including James Locke, Dan Osborne, Jack Bennewith and Abi Clarke. Twin sisters Amy and Sally Broadbent were also confirmed to have joined the cast however after two episodes, Lucy Mecklenburgh announced on Twitter that they had been used by the show to create storylines and had been dropped from the cast. The ninth series began airing from 2 June with two The Only Way Is Marbs specials and concluded after 12 episodes on 10 July However he only appeared in two Essex girls sex pictures.

It also featured the one off return of Lydia Bright, who had previously featured in the show from Series 1 through to 7. Ahead the series finale it was confirmed that Joey Essex girls sex pictures would make his final appearance.

As well as being the last series to include Joey, Abi, and Little Chris also made their final appearances during this series.

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A third Christmas special aired on 11 December and was Lucy Mecklenburgh's final episode. The eleventh series started airing from 23 February consisting of 12 episodes, ending on 2 April This series was the first to include Fran Parman, Grace Andrews and Georgia Kousoulou but was the last to feature original cast member Sam Faiers as she departed to focus on her health. Mark Wright also made another cameo appearance during this series, and it also included the return of Lydia Bright who made a full-time return to the series during the series finale.

The twelfth series began on 22 June with two The Only Way Is Marbs specials followed by 10 regular episodes, concluding on 30 July Original cast member Harry Derbidge Essex girls sex pictures a full-time return to this series, however he was axed at Essex girls sex pictures end of the series and did not return for the thirteenth.

It was also the final series to feature Grace Andrews but first to include Vas J. Mario Falcone was also absent during this series following a suspension. The thirteenth series, the first to air on new channel ITVBebegan on 8 October with two The Only Way Is Ibiza specials, followed by 10 regular episodes, concluding on 16 Novemberwith the Christmas special following a month later on 10 December The new channel also launched on 8 October Because of this, the first episode of The Only Way Is Ibiza featured a live after party straight after the episode hosted by Mark Wright and narrator of the show Denise van Outen.

Mario Falcone returned to the series following his suspension. This was the final series to feature long running cast member Tom Pearce, and the only series to include Georgia "George" Harrison.

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Tommy "Mal" Mallet also made his first appearance during this series. George later went onto appear in Love Island in The fourteenth series began on 22 February and consisted of thirteen episodes ending on 5 April Original cast member Arg returned to the show after Essex girls sex pictures suspension during the thirteenth series.

After the launch of the new series, Mark Wright returned to host another live after party. Essex girls sex pictures fifteenth series launched on 14 June with two Marbella specials. As well as confirming the new launch date, it was confirmed that ITV had renewed the show for a further six series, taking it to series He returned to the show during the fourth episode.

The sixteenth series began on 4 October This is the first series to be included under the new contract which was confirmed on 3 Junerenewing the show for a further six series.

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She had appeared on the show since the second series. This was the last series to feature Nanny Pat who died on 16 Decemberand Lauren Pope who made her exit during the series.

The seventeenth series began on 28 February On 9 Marchit was announced that former Ex on the Beach star and Celebrity Big Brother housemate Megan McKenna has joined the cast and would be making her debut during the th episode. However, Megan previously made a brief appearance on the first Essexmas special in where she originally auditioned for Jess Wright's new girl group.

New cast member Amber Dowding joined the show for this series. The twentieth series began on 5 March with the cast heading to Tenerife[46] and concluded on 3 May after eighteen episodes, making this the longest series to date. Essex girls sex pictures twenty-first series began on 10 September with the cast heading to Marbella[57] [58] and concluded after seventeen episodes on 5 Novembermaking it the second longest series to date after it was confirmed that the Essex girls sex pictures of each series would be extended.

With this announcement, it was revealed that Mike Hassini would also be returning to the series having previously left the show after the eighteenth series.

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This was also the first series to include new cast members Ruby Lacey and Taylor Barnett. The twenty-second series began on 25 March Essex girls sex pictures the cast heading to Barcelona and concluded on 27 May after ten episodes. Prior to this Adam appeared in the sixth series of Ex on the Beach.

This is a list of main and supporting cast members currently appearing in the show. From series 1—3, the main cast received star billing in the opening credits and were credited by their first names.

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Get Me Out of Here! The genre of "scripted reality" has attracted much criticism for a lack of authenticity, or indeed outright deception see article on reality television.