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Vegetable oil anal

Sexy xXx Base pix Vegetable oil anal.

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Olive oil is likely safe...

If you'd like to post here, or reply to existing posts on TRIBE, you first have to register on the forum. You can register with your facebook ID or with an email address. Vegetable oil as sex lubricant?

ok my buddies g/f was...

If you get it out of the deep fryer it will smell like fish X2. If you ned to use external lube its more than likely the girls fault. SnuffalupagusDec 6, Heroes in the kitchen.

And hey, drive a biodiesel and you can run your car with it too! JLVDec 6, I would think olive oil would be better then vegetable.

Gorgeous vegetable oil anal xxx pics

There are a lot more Vegetable oil anal and mono-saturates. PosTMOdDec 6, GfunkdivaDec 6, Im not sure that lube and sexual satisfaction are mutually exclusive, in fact, I think they go together like PB and J.

Using lube is NOT immediately a sign that the woman has problems or that the guy has problems I wont go into detail with specific examples but I just wanted to say that lube has it's place in a fun sexual experience And the idea of vegetable oil is a little weird FitDec 6, Clearly some people don't understand sarcasm.

Why is hookup so difficult for me

Maybe the dude don't get your engine revved up for you. Then you shouldn't be there anyway.

Anal fish oil as lube...

Lets look at this in a more practical light shall we. Because the female body won't produce the needed lubricant that forces us to use things like hydrogentaed canola oil and processed vegetable extract?