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Mark dalton nude

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Mark Dalton blasted onto the gay porn scene a few years back with his amazing sex appeal, Texas charm, and physical attributes that most men can only dream of achieving.

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Although he has never performed in a hardcore gay scene, his solo performances have fulfilled the fantasies of countless numbers of fans. However, there is a Mark dalton nude side to this gay porn idol. Mark dalton nude when his career was at a peak and shortly after finishing his last film Super Soaked for Falcon Studios — Jocks Line, he found himself behind bars for possession and domestic violence. This was not his first run in with the law either, but as he told me during my exclusive interview, he has learned some valuable lessons and plans to stay out of trouble in the future.

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For some people this experience would end a career, Mark dalton nude for Mark Dalton it seems to have amplified his public appeal and his fans are chomping at the bit to see more of him. After all, porn can certainly use a few bad boy icons like Robert Downey Jr. The club promoters told me they were thrilled with his shows and the business he brought in was excellent!

I was present for both shows and I can tell Mark dalton nude this man is a true entertainer when he takes to the stage! He had both audiences in a total frenzy as he stripped, teased and wowed all who were there. He is a well choreographed machine when he is on stage and I was a bit surprised to see he was a truly nice man off stage as well.

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I was thrilled to be granted the exclusive rights to photograph Mark and conduct his first interview since being released from prison. I sat down with Mark at Boardwalk Bar prior to his show for this revealing and insightful interview…enjoy! I understand you were down in South Florida one other time, how long ago was that? Mark Thank you Gio. I guess it has been about 3 years, so it has been a Mark dalton nude.

How was performing totally nude for you? Mark It is really no big deal for me to be nude. I was in DC last week and went all nude at that club… Laughs it is just the crowds that are a bit different.

GIO Tell me what drives you to get up and stage and perform Mark dalton nude well as you do? Mark I love the attention to be honest and it is fun! I have an extreme amount of fun when Mark dalton nude perform and meet new people. You dance very well…where did you learn how to shake your goods so well? Mark Smiles Thank you!

A long time ago, when I was 18, I got started dancing at a club called La Bare where I danced for women. At that time I was bringing home bags of money and I was still living with my mom and dad. GIO Yes you do! Speaking about family, I understand you are a Texas boy.

Did you grow up in Texas? Mark Yeah, in a very small town with one stop-light!

When we got a Dairy Queen it was very cool. GIO Wow, that is small.

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Coming from such a small town, what made you decide to cross over from performing for women at Mark dalton nude Bare and becoming what many consider you to be, a gay icon?

Mark blushes Man, well I do not think it was a choice. How it really happened…I was working at La Bare in Miami and this man who was Mark dalton nude director saw me there one night and approached me. I decided to sign a video contract with him and I did a couple of videos for him. I did not expect many people would actually watch them; I did it for the money. I continued to work at La Bare and was still living with my mom and dad about a year and a half after shooting those videos.

Around that time I decided to dance at this gay club in Dallas. I was there maybe three days and this guy came up to me and asked me if I was Mark Dalton and I did not understand Mark dalton nude he knew that name because I only used that name in that video I shot over a year earlier.

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