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Pron Pictures Allow redhead in reserve.

In sports, a reserve team is a team composed of players under contract to a specific team but who do not normally appear on the team's roster during matches.

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Reserve teams are usually composed of young players who need playing time in order to improve their skills, as well as members of the first team recovering from injury. Reserve teams usually consist of a combination of emerging youth players and first-team squad players.

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These teams are distinct from a club's youth teamwhich usually consists of players under a certain age and plays in an age-specific Allow redhead in reserve. In England, Argentina and the United States the term reserve is commonly used to describe these teams. In the Netherlands and Norway these teams are distinguished by a 2. In England reserve teams of professional clubs play in completely separate leagues and competitions such as the Professional Development League or the Central Leaguealthough further down the pyramidreserve clubs feature in the same system as their parent clubs and can be promoted through the system.

They cannot usually play in the same division as their parent team. However, in other countries, reserve teams play in the same football league as their senior team and have competed in the domestic cup competitions.

Having reserve teams play within the league system rather than a separate reserve league is a contentious issue.

The majority of lower league clubs claim that they lose money as reserve sides have low attendances and virtually no traveling support. In the —11 German 3. Liga seasonFC Bayern Munich Allow redhead in reserve whose parent club is one of the most popular in the country averaged under 1, fans, with this propped up by fans of visiting clubs. In the same season Dynamo Dresden averaged gates of over 16, It is also claimed [ by whom?

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However, there is support for the incorporated system with managers claiming it gives better competition for younger players, allowing them to play in front of larger crowds and play against older, more experienced players. Feyenoord of the Netherlands are currently [ when? They lost the final 1—0 to Bayer Leverkusen.

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In the German football league systemhowever, reserve teams are not allowed to be promoted above the 3. Liga and since —09 have not been allowed to play in the cup competition to serve the non-reserve team's interests. From the days of the old Japan Soccer LeagueJapan allowed reserve teams to play in the main league system.

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Even today reserve teams of J. League clubs are allowed to compete in the Emperor's Cup.

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Reserve clubs were usually localized in the same Allow redhead in reserve as their senior team and should not be confused with clubs from sister companies within a keiretsu or otherwise, which were separate clubs competing for the same championships.

League reserve teams these days are in the corresponding regional league. Scotland has two reserve leagues under the umbrella of the SPFL Reserve Leaguewhere 27 of the senior clubs compete.

There was a Reserve League in the K-League during Allow redhead in reserve Unlike the Premier League in England which has its own reserve league and academy leaguereserve teams in Spain play in the same league pyramid as their parent club but may not play in the same division.

However they survived only one season and were relegated in In the final they played Real Madrid but lost 6—1. In Ukraine, there are both reserve teams also were known as double such as U and U that compete in the Ukrainian Premier League Reserves and Under 19 as well as second teams or third teams that compete in a regular competition league pyramid. Until second teams and third teams were allowed to compete in the Ukrainian Cup.

In Ukraine, second teams act same as farm teams and they do not have age restriction as regular reserve teams.

In sports, a reserve team...

Second teams are not allowed to compete in the same division with their primary team senior team. On several Allow redhead in reserve the second team of Dynamo Kyiv Dynamo-2 Kyiv won the Ukrainian First Leaguebut was not allowed to be promoted to premiers where the primary team of Dynamo Kyiv competes due to the rule.

As any rules there are some exceptions, the second team of FC Nyva Ternopil FC Ternopil were allowed promotion to the same division after it lost its affiliation with the main club and promoted to professional ranks starting again from regional competitions. Farm teams in Ukraine are not necessary denoted with 2 or 3but could be a separate club that have an Allow redhead in reserve with another club.

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Major League Soccerthe highest level of competition in the United Statesran its own reserve league from to In the Russian Government Cupthe Russian national bandy reserve team Russia-2 has appeared a couple of times. The National Rugby League reserves affiliations. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For main roster players not in the starting lineup, see substitute player.


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