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Things to know about hookup a virgo

Porn Pics & Movies Things to know about hookup a virgo.
It's A Wild Ride: 10...

Virgos, born between Aug. Ok, not strictly true.

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But this is our attainable life goal so any praise and encouragement in that direction will always be welcomed, thank you. Make sure it stays that way.

If you're interested in a...

Probably best not to watch Comic Relief with a Virgo. Yeah, to YOU it seems like a waste of time spending twenty-five minutes proofreading one Facebook status. And therefore the best friend you could ever hope for — unless someone crosses us: Not in the beard stakes, thank Christ. But telling you how much we want your cock just makes us feel like a bit of a…well, cock.

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Hell, we might even go the whole hog and treat you once in a while. All part of that nice generous streak we were born with. Despite the fact that this article proudly boasts our wisdom, loyalty and all round general perfection. Im sorry but the virgo im dating is nothing like the description. In fact he is the opposite of everything mentioned.

With the judgemental right on. Judgemental about everything and everyone but himself.

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He is self centered and egotistical. Match made in heaven my patootie!

Trying to score a date...

I am totally agree with u! Virgo men are very egoisthey are mental narcissistic! They can not accept criticbecause they think what about them are right and the best! They only want people to understand them but they will not do same to other.

Here are some more things...

NOOOO — always know instantly. I CAN end you… knowing is enough. You must be logged in to post a comment. Username or Email Address.

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