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Restore penile sensitivity

Hot xXx Pics Restore penile sensitivity.

Every man knows that penis skin is quite sensitive. It has to be in order to provide the vivid sensations a guy feels when he's engaged in sensual activity of any kind.

That's one of the Restore penile sensitivity why a guy will always pay good attention to proper penis care - to keep the health of his penis skin top-notch. But over time, penis sensation seems to become a little dulled. Things that once brought a man to the heights of ecstasy now just don't have that same "zing" he's used to feeling. What causes this loss of penis sensitivity, and what can a man do about it? Penis sensation dissipates for many reasons, Restore penile sensitivity of which are simply unavoidable.

Nerve damage

For instance, as a man ages, his skin naturally changes. Over time, little irritations build up and make the skin former a thicker layer.

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A good way to think of it is to consider a man who works with his hands. Eventually, his hands will become thicker and calloused as a result of all the work he does with them.

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And so it is with penis skin, which becomes a little tougher with every irritation is suffers. After several years, the result is a little less penis sensation to enjoy when it's time to get busy.

There can be Restore penile sensitivity reasons, too. Some medical conditions, such as diabetesbring with it a lack of sensation due to changes in the nerves in the skin.

Alcohol and tobacco use can eventually damage the nerves as well, making it tougher for a man to feel what he should.

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