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It is a joint state and city collaboration, but is organized as a New York State public-benefit corporation. It is a acre 2.

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The park arose as part of the West Side Highway replacement project Athlete dating reality vs imagination playground manhattan the wake of the abandoned Westway plan. Bicycle and pedestrian paths, spanning the park north to south, open up the waterfront for recreational use. The park includes tennis and soccer fields, batting cageschildren's playground, dog run, and many other features. The parkland also incorporates several rebuilt North River piers along its length, formerly used for shipping.

Hudson River Park connects many other recreational sites and landmarks. The trust operates on a premise of financial self-sufficiency, supporting the staff as well as the operations and maintenance of the park through revenue generated within the park by rents from commercial tenants, fees, concession revenues, grants and donations. Capital funding has historically come primarily from the State, New York City and Federal budget appropriations.

The trust is guided by a thirteen-member Board of Directors. There is also a fifty-member Advisory Council which plays an integral role in the park planning process. Prior to American colonization of New NetherlandNative Americans lived on the shore of the southernmost portion of the Hudson River —where the park now is—seasonally, in a place called "Sapohanikan".

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It was near the present-day intersection of Gansevoort Street and Washington Street. Later, oyster bargeswhich sold high volumes of oysters, opened along the Hudson River shore, within several North River piers. Because of their quantity, they were often sold at cheap prices, and immigrants to New York City often relied on eating oysters. These oyster barges closed when the oysters died due to overfarming and to pollution resulting from the shore's industrialization.

Inthe first steamboat in passenger operation, Clermontwas launched from present-day Pier 45, in the West Village. The Clermontthe first successful boat of its kind in the United States, helped give Robert Fulton control over all steamboat operations on the rest of the Hudson River.

It was at this location where survivors of the sinking of the Titanic arrived in the Carpathia. By the late 19th century, the Slaughterhouse District was created along the Hudson River shoreline in present-day Hell's Kitchen. A stretch of 39th Street between 11th and 12th Avenues was called Abattoir Place until the early 20th century.

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The cattle industry in this area continued through the s. The park would be built on all of the land not occupied by the future West Side Highwayas well as the remaining piers.

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A new plan for development was announced in by then-Governor Mario Cuomo and then-Mayor David Dinkinstargeting Pier 76 opposite the Javits CenterChelsea Piersand Pier 40 as key locations for commercial development that would support the park. The memorandum also created the Hudson River Park Corporation, quickly renamed the Hudson River Park Conservancy, a government agency composed of members appointed by the governor and mayor. Construction of the Chelsea Piers complex began in Julyopening in Athlete dating reality vs imagination playground manhattan beginning in May Both halves were leased to the joint entity now known as the Hudson River Park Trust.

The plan also guaranteed that half of two commercial locations, Piers 40 and 76, and all of pier 84, would be reserved for parkland. Afterward, construction stalled, and much of the park remained incomplete. Parts of the Hudson River Park remained without power in the months after Hurricane Sandy in Octoberdue to damaged electrical cables. As a result, the Hudson River Park temporarily limited hours after nightfall in the park.

After Hurricane Sandy, the park worked to return to normal operating hours once they restored power to affected areas. By Junethe Hudson River Park trust was in debt.

To further ameliorate the debt, the bill provided for the trust to make passengers pay to board sightseeing cruise ships in the park. Finally, the bill allowed the park to sell air rights across the street from the park, specifically St.

John's Terminal across from Pier Init was proposed to complete the park, with discussions between Hudson River Park trust and the surrounding community boards slated to occur the next year. The memorial, an abstract work by Anthony Goicoleaconsists of nine boulders arranged in a circle. The memorial honors the victims of the Orlando nightclub shootingmost of whom were gay.