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Spinach give you gas

XXX Photo Spinach give you gas.

A good diet comprises of all the essential vitamins, minerals and also protein. A diet which consists of fruitsvegetables, green leafy vegetable, grains and cereals, and protein whether obtained from pulses or from Spinach give you gas is an ideal diet to stay fit. Green leafy vegetables contain a lot of vitamins and minerals in them which is vital for the body.

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Spinach is one such leafy vegetable which has loads of essential nutrients in it. Spinach, scientifically known as Spinacia oleracea, is an edible plant leaf that is usually available in Central and South-western Asia. Spinach is very high in nutritional value with high amount of iron, vitamin A, B2, C and K and also contains a lot of magnesiummanganese, potassium and calcium.

However, due to its high nutritional value some people might not be able to tolerate it well and experience discomforts in digestion process. Some also complain of having bloated feelings and gas post spinach consumption. Let us know if spinach causes gas, how to prevent gas formation due to spinach and the nutrition facts and health benefits of spinach.

Yes, spinach could be a source of gas formation and bloated feeling in human body. Generally foods that are hard to digest have a tendency to generate gases in digestive system.

Foods that are rich in fiber like spinach Spinach give you gas good quantity of oxalate that do not break down entirely during digestive process and thus there is tendency to form gas.