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How to keep your mistress happy

xXx Images How to keep your mistress happy.

Side piece, jump off, the other woman. However you wish to label yourself, being a mistress is an art that many woman fail to perfect. If you enjoy this type of non-committal situation with a man whose heart belongs to someone else, and you want to keep things going without any bumps in the road, you have come to the right place.

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But if you aspire to be a mistress and we aren't saying you should, you might as well be the best mistress in town. Keep reading to see the 15 ways you can successfully be his girl on the side.

As a mistress, date nights out on the town are few and far between. That would immediately spell doom and major drama for his marriage. If you happen to live in different cities, then your chances of getting a meal at a hole in the wall are much higher.

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It is going to be a long night. This means you should always strive to look as flawless as possible not matter the situation. He should never see you with no makeup on, baggy sweatpants and your hair in a messy bun. We like to call these items breadcrumbs, and if you want his wife to track you down, go right on ahead and leave little items behind. If you do accidentally leave something behind, let him know right away.

In fact, How to keep your mistress happy may not even get a text or a phone call from him on those special days. But this is the life of a mistress, and it comes with the territory.

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It sucks, but this is the life you chose. When it comes to being a mistress, you have to keep your expectations low…real low.

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These types of affairs are built to be broken. The two of you are not in a relationship, and this is something that will probably never change.

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Many mistresses end up blowing their cover by blabbing about their romance with anyone who will listen, this cannot happen. But it will be worth it as long as you can keep him in your life, right? At some point, many mistresses start to get restless with their current situation. But since he is married and committed to someone else, your words will always fall on deaf ears. Maintain your position, and stay in your lane.

You do want to see him more, right? So give him a reason to want to stop by. If you want to stay positive and happy with your situation, refrain from stalking and cyber harassing his wife.

Many mistresses completely ruin their situations by being way too bold on social media. It will just create more problems for the two of you. So put your accounts on lockdown. This is a rule that you should already know about before reading. Reaching out to him and trying to contact him at the home he shares with his wife is a major no-no.

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There are certain rules that come along with being a mistress, and staying as far away as possible from his real life is a must. What if you call and his wife answers, what will you do?

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She will surely begin to question him about the woman who has been calling the house and asking for him. Your guy may get so upset by this, that he may even end your arrangement completely. So your best bet is to sit back and allow him to reach out to you first.

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His wife is probably in the other room, or perhaps she made a quick run to the grocery store. Keep your conversation with him light and breezy, and use the brief convo as an opportunity to setup the place and time for your next rendezvous. You should only be focused on the time the two of you spend together.

This is the life of a mistress! A man who has a mistress could possibly be dealing with problems at home. This is why he decided to spark a side How to keep your mistress happy with you in the first place: So when the two of you are together, there should never be a reason for you all to argue.

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Arguments are for people in relationships, and this, my dear, is far from a relationship. Being with you should be like jetting off to a tropical island with crystal blue waters, gorgeous sand, and fruity drinks in abundance.

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