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How to become a hotwife

Pron Pictures How to become a hotwife.

You have lots of questions and uncertainties and many women have written my brother, Homer Vargas, for advice. Well, he has asked me to reply because this is something better handled between us girls. With two grown daughters, one kid in kindergarten, one in nursery school, and a bun in the over, I've "been there done that.

You have a wonderful husband whom you love How to become a hotwife than anything in the world. You want to please him, to make him happy. You think that he might like a hot wife, but maybe you are not sure. What if he thinks you are a slut? Put that out of your mind, sweetie. Take it from me; if your husband is a heterosexual male, he wants a hot wife.

If he is not heterosexual or is a little underpowered sexuallythere may be other reasons for you to become a hot wife, How to become a hotwife I will not deal with those here. Men want hot wives; therefore you want to become the woman he wants. Besides wanting to please your man, it's also a matter of elementary justice. Your husband deserves a hot wife.

He has made a commitment to you. He loves you above all other women.

He has promised to be faithful to you, giving up pussy from all those other little hotties he was fucking before he met you.

You owe him at least the sexual satisfaction he could be getting from those other women if he were still "on the loose. You are a woman and you want to be the best, the sexiest, the most feminine woman possible. Becoming a hot wife -- an ever hotter hot wife -- will give meaning and purpose to your life, releasing you from self centeredness and ennui.

Then, too, being a hot wife is a very healthy lifestyle. How to become a hotwife become and remain a hot wife, you will have to exercise daily, watch what you eat, maintain your body in top form.

Dieting and physical fitness will not seem like a chore when you keep in mind that you are honing your body for your adored husband's sexual gratification. You are not just a "sex object" -- and proud of being a damn good one — you are a sex object d'art! Moreover, being a hot wife is How to become a hotwife your material advantage.

You want the good things of life: So how does being a hot wife get you these things? To acquire the material possessions you want, you need a financially successful husband. And nothing contributes to a man's success more than having a hot wife. For one thing, a hot wife at home does wonders for a man's self confidence.

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After a night with you, he walks into that boardroom or law office or shop floor and looks around knowing that no other man in that room has a wife as hot as his! No one else, only a few hours ago, had a woman riding his cock, screaming his name How to become a hotwife ecstasy as she orgasmed over and over, begging him to fuck her longer, harder. A man with a couple of good early-morning fucks like that under his belt can kick ass and get other men to do things his way.

But in addition to his self confidence, the reputation of having a hot wife will give your husband leg up in any encounter with other men. Remember, men are competitive, always measuring themselves against other men. When his rivals and co-workers know your husband has a hot wife, it gives him How to become a hotwife and allows him to get his way.

He'll be the one chosen for the highest bonus, the promotion, the challenging assignment that leads to advancement.

Of course if you are a hot high income professional that will further boost your husband's career. There is another reason as well that must be mentioned, girls, even thought it's not too pleasant.

You need to be a hot wife in self defense. Knowledge that your man is married immediately makes him a much more attractive target for other women. For some women, knowing a man is able to make a commitment causes their claws to grow. Tired of boyfriends whom they have screwed for months or years only to see them slip from their clutches; these women may figure that here is a man who has proven catchable.

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For others, it's just the opposite. They know you have your guy well tied down and he's not likely to get serious when all a How to become a hotwife wants is sex.

And the way you look and act indicates that at least one other woman you has found him highly satisfactory in the sex department. Still other women seek out married men because they know that married men are likely to be sexually unsatisfied.

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Sad to say, most women you are going to be a glorious exception cut back on the frequency and nastiness of sex once they have "landed" a guy, leaving the poor schmuck How to become a hotwife around in frustration like a fish out of water. Finally, and this is paradoxical, the very success that your husband achieves thanks to your being his hot wife, makes him How to become a hotwife more desirable prey.

There are hundreds of sexy, slutty women out there wanting to take your husband from you and you have to be sexier and sluttier than they are to keep him! Now that you understand the reasons to become a hot wife, the important question is, "how. You will want to make love, have sex, fuck, screw, boff, shag, get it on, "do it" with your husband every time he can get it hard.

Any woman can out-fuck any number of men so there is no reason for your husband ever to be horny if your pussy is around. The key to a happy, successful, faithful husband is enough sex to keep his eyes crossed. Almost more important than the frequency and nastiness we'll get to that later of sex is to make sure he understands that you want sex it because HE is a macho sexy Neanderthal stud.

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